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Elevn Aero Seat Post

Elevn Aero Pivotal Seat Post

The Elevn Aero Pivotal Seat Post features a unique aero shape that works exclusively with Chase Element and Chase RSP 3.0 frames. Made from 6061-T6 aluminium with laser-etched Elevn logos for the finishing touches. 270mm long. (6.3 oz)

Chase Bicycles introduces the Aero seat post tube, seat post, and seat post clamp into BMX racing with our new Element bikes and RSP 3.0 frames. This is to not only to help gain fractions of a second on the track with improved aerodynamics, but the Aero tubes also offers a slightly stiffer feel. We know BMX bikes donít need to go fully aero testing into a wind tunnel, but when races are won or lost by fractions of a second, every advantage will help.

Don't forget you'll need the Elevn Aero Quick Release Seat Post Clam

To suit the Chase 3.0 Frames

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