NEW TLD D3 2017 Helmets! Great new Fresh designs! Some are available now and more are on their way.

MEYBO Completes are now available. Also Meybo Frames in some fantastic colours!

Lil Oz Shr3dr bikes are arriving any day! Check out the cool colours for 2017.

NEW from Vee Rubber - Pink, Purple and Blue Tread Tyres. They look MAD!!
Iphone Cases...coming soon Jake - BMXMAD
Sinz Elite Cranks Gold - Coming Soon Business For Sale

Yes after 12 years we are offering this fantastic business to prospective buyers.
Over the years we have seen BMX grow massively, with new skateparks, bigger race tracks, and with BMX in the olympics it has become an exciting industry to be in.
For all enquiries contact 03 9762 5210.

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